Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For my Sis

Oh!!!! yes, cant just stop there... had to scrap 2 LOs this week... one from previous post (the sketch #81, remember? ...)

And I had to do another one on my dear sis. I realised that both of us seldom take photos together like this one, and I really like how this photo has turned out.

On the layout, I had to try out the flower layering.


jazsutra said...

OMG!!!! JOyce you rock the newbies scrapbooking world!!!and i shud not be calling u newby!!!Your work is so pretty! u have to join some forum.itz fun when u have frenz leaving praises and compliments..hehe..if ure comfy with that.btw, i just found them.they're msia company.i found some kedahan too leh!if ure keen do join me there okie?

jazsutra said...

I must say again!your work is really beautiful!

eMeLiNe said...

hehe thanks Joyce for dropping by my site ! welcome to the club :) Must join jaz : your pages are pretty !!