Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cold winter....

Yes, it's been a very cold winter and extremely wet as well..... I have not been able to do much scrapping in this cold weather... but over last weekend, with the bright sun and clear day, I managed to scrap again.

I have finished a layout of my daughter with her good friend, Jia Ding. The photos were taken sometime in Apr this year... we were having a picnic at a playground in Belmont... it has a few interesting rides for the children to enjoy. I took these pictures when they were both playing with bubbles... I called out to them, and they just looked at me as I snapped a few shots.

Named this layout "Happy Laughter":

My 2nd layout is on a black&white photo of my dear Jasmine. She was looking down at her toy when I snapped this photo... and as I looked the the printout, I felt so blessed to have her, a gift from God for both Joshua & myself.

Journal on this layout says :

"You are beautiful as you grow, a blessing from God, a gift that shows His love for Joshua & me. We are thankful to have U, His Beautiful Creation!! "

Thanks for looking.


jazsutra said...

wah joyce ,i really kenot tahan your beutiful layout on jas!its simply beautiful wor!

Oliveoylz said...

The B&W one is super duper! I love it...hope the weather improves so that I can see more lovely scrapbooking from you :)

Chowchow said...

Very nice layouts Joyce. Well done. Sorry that the winter has been cold there. Hope summer will come early for you all.

iris said...

very nice!! I like the way you did the first one where the pics are arranged in steps.