Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

To celebrate this special ocassion, my daughter's child care organised a morning tea for all the mothers.... and the whole idea is to get the children to serve their mothers and play host to their mothers in school....

So, I was served these delicious food!!!!With the fruits and crackers, looks quite a balanced meal, isn't it? And obviously, I enjoyed every piece of these yummy food...
After the food, my daughter surprised me with a present... aawwww!!!!!!! I was so touched... she made me a beads necklace....
and of course the card, Mother's Day card...
When I open the card, she drew me on the left page and on the right, it says "Happy Mother's Day". This has really make my day!!!!!
And this is not the end of it, she has also made a table placemat for me from dried flowers...Hibiscus... and behinf the placemat, my daughter printed her hands and the teacher fill-in these words:
These are my hands
So tiny and small,
Cherish them carefully
Until I am tall,
Sharing, caring as
Years go by,
Watch how we grow
My hands and I.
It was a day that I will always remember.

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Shyra said...

Aww Joyce..your daughter is so sweet!! I'm sure u had a great day right? =)