Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Explore & Wonder

This week I am really excited about my scrapbooking,... hence I've completed my 2nd layout in one nite... :-) ..and of course, it has to be with a picture of my dear daughter, Jasmine! I received my Stamping & PaperCraft(S & P) magazine yesterday and saw some stamping ideas from one of the section... and its really interesting. At the same time, I've decided to take up a challenge at the BadGirls forum, which fit in perfectly.

The challenge was to stamp around the background creating my own design, then scrap the rest of the page as usual. Fantastic!!!!! And this is the end product below :

The technique that I learned from the magzine was to stamp using bleach. So, I did it with flower swirl in the layout above. When its dried, the bleach lighten the puple cardstock to a light blue... and then I stamped on top of it with Versa ink - Old Rose. This gives the 2 tone effect above. And to give the swirls some dimension, I have added some glitters on them (the pic is not very clear, isn't it?).

The jounalling says :
" When you pause to explore & wonder, it's a blissful moment for me to see how much you have grown. Love, Mommy"

Love this picture when she is enjoying her french fries and looking out of the window, her eyes wondering in deep thoughts. Sometimes, I wonder what's on her thought...


isabellalim said...

Wow! So nice, so nice!

Hey, you must teach me when I visit you all in September.
I was actually thinking of doing scapebooks for my wedding reception - showing the people that God has brought into Eric and my lives.

So can you be my teacher, please? :)

Yasmin said...

Very nice crochet =)....must continue sewing if possible...try to sew dresses for Jasmine and she will be your model forever =)

iris said...

Joyce I saw this in your gallery and was blown away! I love what you did with the stamping! You do beautiful work and your photographs are outstanding too! Are you on any design team? I think you should be!

chowchow said...

Joyce - I can't help but love this lo. I am surprised that you say that you just started sb. It can't be cos you scrap like a pro. Hope to see more coming...