Monday, June 9, 2008

1st day at Primary School

Yes, my dear Jasmine is attending Primary school now. She's all excited about attending primary school, because it makes her feel that she's grown-up now... I am glad that she is attending this primary school because its a Christian based primary school. Last Friday when I fetched her, as usual I asked her what did she learn in school that day, and she answered that she has been learning/doing the same things everyday, BUT... she continued with great energy that.. "I have learned more about God."

To tell you the truth, I was suprised with this reaction because she has only attended this school for 4 days. Its such a blessing for us, as Jasmine didn't have to go through the waiting list in order to get a place in this school. Some children had to wait for 6months to a year before they can get a place in the school.

Over here in Australia, its compulsory for children to attend PrePrimary, its before Year1, and my dear daughter has started her PrePrimary on 3rd June. I have taken some pictures of her with her new uniform.


isabellalim said...

Wow! She is so grown-up now!

Know what, just last night,
Eric and I were thinking
if Jasmine still remembers us.

Miss you all and
I am counting my days to see you all
in Perth. :)

Oliveoylz said...
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Oliveoylz said...

Jasmine looks really cool in her school hat : )