Monday, June 2, 2008

Mini album...

Just over the weekend, I had some interesting classes at the BG site. The first class is called Reclaim, Reuse and Recycle... and guess what we're recycling... ... its toilet rolls!!!! Never thought of re-using that such a great idea!!!!

We were taught to flatten it then Wah-Lah!!!!.. it's a mini album... isn't it a fantastic idea!!!... now, I dont have to get any mini albums, this will be a great gift too!!!!
Ok, Ok, Ok,.... this is what I've done, a mini album for my birthday last year!!!

And inside the flatten TP, an embellished tags like this could be kept in it!!!! Brilliant isn't it!!!!

This is the simple embellishment behind the 1st TP:

And this my the 2nd TP :

The tag inside my 2nd TP (apology for the vague photo.. not to sure what happenned here!! )

You can use as many TP as you desire... but for me here, I have only these few photos, so 2 TP is just nice!

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