Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bliss : PencilLines #89

When we were at Melbourne during this Easter, Jasmine wanted to try taking photos using my digital camera. It was at the time when we were infront of the National Library, Joshua was showing us the place because it's one of his favourite place during his Uni days. Its quite a relaxing place and lots pf people just sit around and enjoy, either their lunches or the sun.... we decided to take a rest and enjoy the place too.... so, my dear Jasmine just started to snap & snap photos... initially, she was taking the tram and seagulls that were passing-by.

Then she said "Daddy, Mommy, SMILE!!!!!"... and without hesitating, we just did it!!! So, this is the photo that she took! I must say, its not bad for a 5 year old child!

With this photo, I decided to do a layout using the PencilLines sketch #89. The products I used are a mixture from Prima and American Crafts. I've titled this layout "Bliss" because both of us really smile like we are the most happy person on earth!!!.. and I want to remember these happy moments.

Thanks for looking.


jazsutra said...

i dono y ure not in any dt team!lol...yr work rocks!!! go try em!!! u shud!
and thx for your prayers.i need them at this moment.thx so much.again,beautiful layouts joyce!

Yasmin said...

Wow Joyce, u are really getting better. By looking at your blog makes me want to start doing scrapbooking too. But currently i have too many hobbies...hahaha...esp recently, me into bread...homemade hand kneaded bread. Check out my food blog for my latest bread conquest!!! heehee

Yasmin said...

oops. forgot to write down my url.